Kruuse Buster Pet Tablet Syringe with Classic Tip
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Kruuse Buster Pet Tablet Syringe with Classic Tip

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Buster Pet Pill/Tablet Syringe With Classic Tip

Buster Tablet Introducer has finger rings for better control when giving a tablet. The plastic jaws that hold the tablet reduces the chance of injury. Water can be drawn into the syringe. When giving the medication, the water will aid and encourage swallowing. Designed with a transparent barrel of the right length with reinforced tablet holder, and a piston with plunger.


The Kruuse Buster Pet Piller is especially useful, as well as a fast and easy way of administering tablets to cats and dogs. 

Cleaning: The tablet Introducer is rinsed in tepid water. Avoid using disinfectant detergent or detergent.


Available Packaging: Offered individually and as a display box of 10 Buster Tablet Introducers.

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